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Fibre Update May 2015
Letter/email  received by Wendy Mathews
Your recent enquiry about broadband connectivity in Richings Park was passed onto me by Richard Harrington (of the Buckinghamshire Local Enterprise Partnership).
Having had an opportunity to request further information from BT Openreach, I can hopefully clarify the position.  In addition I have been assessing broadband coverage in the area, via other providers.
Firstly, it seems that a good portion of Richings Park is able to access superfast broadband via Virgin Media’s fibre network.  This offers download speeds of up to 152 Mbps and a variety of packages that are suitable for home and small business users.  By way of an example, I have been able to use Virgin Media’s online checker to confirm coverage in the following postcodes:
·         SL0 9BN
·         SL0 9DA
·         SL0 9AE
·         SL0 9AZ
·         SL0 9AF
·         SL0 9EJ
·         SL0 9DS (subject to Virgin Media confirmation)
From a BT Openreach perspective, they maintain an existing commercial commitment (privately funded) to upgrade Iver cabinet 9 with access to fibre broadband.  This cabinet appears to serve western portions of Richings Park, including the Golf Club (postcode SL0 9DL) and once upgraded will offer download speeds of up to 80 Mbps.  The latest view I have from BT is that they don’t have a fixed date for this upgrade to be completed, although their website seems to have a cut off point of March 2016.

If you would like to seek more information on the status of cabinet 9, I would suggest contacting Annette Thorpe (Regional partnership Manager) at BT – Annette.thorpe@bt.com.  She may actually be dealing with an existing query in this location.

In terms of the publically funded broadband upgrades, that are ongoing as part of the Connected Counties Project (www.connectedcounties.org), in partnership with BT; these are limited to areas where superfast broadband is not currently available, or where there are no plans to install it commercially within the next 3 years.  This is governed by State aid principles which means that public funds can only be applied where there is evidence of market failure.  Given Virgin’s presence and BT’s plans, the area is therefore not included in the Connected Counties rollout.
I have noticed that a small portion of the area, served by cabinet 8, is not upgraded and BT do not have plans to do so either.  However, this in an area where Virgin Media is already available (SL0 9AZ).
I hope this is helpful.
Kind Regards
Christopher Rawson | Broadband Manager
Buckinghamshire Business First
The Saunderton Estate, Wycombe Road, Saunderton, HP14 4BF
T: 01494 568942
M: 07825 060603
E: chris@bbf.uk.com
W: www.bbf.uk.com

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