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Why Thorney Bridge has been demolished
In order to accommodate the overhead cables for the new Crossrail trains it is necessary for Network Rail to demolish the road bridge in Thorney Lane and rebuild it higher.  In order to keep traffic moving they have built a temporary bridge and diverted Thorney Lane over it whilst the work is being done.  The old bridge is being demolished over Christmas 2014 and a letter outlining this is attached HERE.

As well as the bridge works there is also some work to be done in erecting the overhead cable pylons.  This can only be done overnight whilst the trains are not running.  Unfortunately, this involves driving piles into the ground which is a very noisy operation.

The following text comes from a general letter issued by Crossrail  on January 23rd, 2015 concerning their work on the Thorney Lane Railway Bridge.

"We are writing to update you on works planned over the next few months affecting residents closest to Thorney Lane Bridge.
As you will be aware we successfully removed the old bridge over Christmas. Thank you for your tolerance over any disturbance we caused to you over the holiday period. We have now entered the rebuilding phase for the new bridge and reconstruction of the access road.
The vast majority of our works will need to occur during Saturday night, Sunday morning possessions of the railway track when there are no trains running. This is necessary due to the proximity of the works to the track and to reduce the risk to the operational railway. This coming weekend we will commence by hand digging trial holes on the track during Saturday night / Sunday morning prior to commencing piling of the piers and abutments on track from the
weekend of 31 January. Piling will continue one night a week during February and concurrently we will begin concreting the foundations for the new bridge and craning in the precast concrete units of which the bridge is formed. Weekend nights will be used for the next ten weekends for craning in precast units, fixing the units and concreting.
The site will remain open and active during the week but this will principally be for receipt of deliveries, small scale engineering operations and maintenance and preparation for the weekend
The bridge is programmed to be completed over Easter when the majority of the night work will be completed. We will begin construction of the access road after Easter, working during the
day and aiming to open the new bridge to traffic in mid-May. An update will be sent nearer to Easter with further information.
If you have any queries in the meantime you may also call our dedicated 24-hour National Helpline on 08457 11 41 41 or email crcrossrail@networkrail.co.uk. Should you wish to learn more about Crossrail, please visit http://www.crossrail.co.uk. "
Do you have any update on timings for the new Thorney Lane bridge to be installed? There doesn't seem to be any work going on around the bridge area, I can't see it opening next month like they said it would.
Getting fed up of this now, it's time this building work was finished and our streets cleared up of the litter passerbys keep leaving!!
The installation of the replacement bridge was supposed to have started over the Easter weekend but Crossrail have advised that there has been a delay.  I have not been able get anything more definite from them as yet but I will let you know when I do.  If you wish to register your comments with Crossrail you can e-mail then at CRCrossrail@networkrail.co.uk.

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