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Conversion of shop to residential unit at 46 Bathurst Walk
Planning Application 16/02055/IANOT
Conversion of shop to residential unit at 46 Bathurst Walk

The Residents Association has submitted its objection to this application - details below.  Please add your voice and submit your comments via the South Bucks website (link: http://sbdc-pa.southbucks.gov.uk/online-applications/).

On behalf of Richings Park Residents Association I am filing an objection to this repeated application for a change of use. The amount of advertising has been sporadic and little of it. There are no current For Sale/Rent signs on the property at the time of writing nor have there been for many months. We also note that the landlord has been increasing the rent regularly by significant amounts and has now probably priced herself out of the market. The property was purchased a long time ago and thus continued hikes in rent to increase the return on capital are unjustified. With the imminent arrival of Crossrail and the uptick in use of the station, the property is ideally situated for a business catering to commuters. As the property is situated in a line of similar shops to break it would be aesthetically wrong. We recognise that retail has its issues but we don't believe that the applicant has tried very hard to let the property. The chequered history of tenants portrayed in one of the supporting documents indicates this only too well.

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