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Press Statement from Dominic Grieve on Heathrow Announcement

The announcement that the Government intends to support a third runway at Heathrow, will be met with very mixed feelings in the Beaconsfield Constituency.
Many will welcome the economic advantages which it can bring. But it also has the capacity to create a profound adverse environmental impact on parts of my constituency and in particular in the Iver and Richings Park area. This is already under great strain from pollution and excessive vehicle movements linked to poorly or unplanned developments over past decades. The lack of adequate infrastructure and planning strategy has created conditions in which the quality of life of residents is being adversely affected in an unacceptable fashion.
If the Heathrow Third Runway goes ahead it can only be on the basis that the Government can meet the pollution limits in the area, which are currently being exceeded. No scheme will be acceptable that does not include the proper infrastructure investment that is required to reconcile growing economic activity with the needs of local residents.
I will do what I can to support the local community on these issues. My attitude to the proposal will entirely depend on whether or not the government and the developers can demonstrate that they can address these issues fully.
Dominic Grieve QC MP

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