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Cemex - Notice of Application CM/51/16
Like many of you, we have today received formal Notice of Application for Planning Permission for the CEMEX Gravel Plant in the land north of North Park Road, running behind St Andrews and round up to and virtually touching the cud-de-sac end of Bathurst Walk.      Notice states;

Temporary closure of public footpath IVE/15/1, followed by the laying out of a site entrance, erection of new processing and concrete plants and related infrastructure, extraction of 2 million tonnes of sand and gravel, backfilling with inert waste and progressive restoration of the land to agriculture over a period of up to nine years.

Representations to be made by 1st November to the planning officer.

I need to look into this properly but I wanted to get this out there asap to residents as even if you're not up against the development, the impacts, on top of all the other issues we face in this area, will be there for all of us with noise, traffic, more HGVs.    

Link: http://publicaccess.buckscc.gov.uk/online-applications/

Welcome any thoughts from local residents as I can see this is not the first time CEMEX have made an approach. I will be putting my objection in today and would urge others to do so before this is steam rolled through.
Objections are needed to this application, because it will put more HGV traffic onto North Park and will cause noise blight to residents in Richings Park.  You can read the full details on the Bucks CC website – link below (planning reference CM/51/16).  Objections to this application need to be submitted by 1 November 2016.

From an initial look at the non-technical summary I have made the following observations:
  • HGVs will be routed via North Park and Sutton Lane - this will increase the traffic along this very busy stretch of the road. 
  • There are no planned improvements to the road junction with Sutton Lane/Parlaunt Road.
  • There has been no modelling to understand the cumulative effect of traffic from this scheme and all the other planned developments in the area, combined with the closure of Hollow Hill Lane.
  • They have not considered an exit directly from the site to the Sutton Lane/Parlaunt Road/North Park road junction (combined with junction improvements) to avoid further traffic congestion in North Park.
  • They have said that their traffic movements will have a negligible effect on air quality but have provided insufficient evidence to demonstrate this conclusion.  We know that NOx is already at borderline levels in regard to air quality limits where we are currently monitoring in North Park. 
  • They have not accommodated the WRATH development into their plans - they have said that they are unable to take into account the effect of WRATH because the project isn't finalised, but no effort has been made to work a solution into their scheme.
  • There is no noise attenuating bund on the north-east of the site, so residents in Bathurst Walk, part of Syke Cluan and Northumberland Walk will be severely impacted by noise.
  • Site restoration is planned for after the gravel has been completely extracted, but as they will be extracting the gravel in phases there is no reason why they can't reinstate in phases to reduce the duration that they are on site.
  • They plan to work 6 days a week, which means that residents will not get respite from noise at the weekends.  There should be no weekend working at all.
Please let us all know if you have any other views or observations.
In the meantime, if you would like to a meeting with the residents association to discuss, please post a response here.
I have been liasing with Wendy Matthews directly on getting a meeting together on this.   I've contacted all residents in the cul-de-sac end of Bathurst Walk and there is certainly enough interest to have a meeting on this.

I'll wait to hear back from Wendy, unless this is something that can be progressed through the site.

Nick Collyer, Bathurst Walk
The Richings Park Residents Association is holding a residents meeting to discuss the Cemex planning application at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26 October at the Richings Park Sports Club - ALL WELCOME.
(18-10-2016, 12:34 PM)LisaP Wrote: The Richings Park Residents Association is holding a residents meeting to discuss the Cemex planning application at 7.30pm on Wednesday 26 October at the Richings Park Sports Club - ALL WELCOME.

The BCC website is currently showing that 64 objections have been received, but we need more.   Please object using the link below before 11th November;

http://publicaccess.buckscc.gov.uk/online-applications/ using the keywords CM/51/16 and click on comments.

If you want to see what others have said, click on Public Comments.     Key areas for objections are:

Lack of proper consultation
Air pollution from quarry, dust from concrete plant (which is additional to any previous applications) and vehicle movements
Noise pollution
Operating hours - proposed 7-6 Monday to Friday and 7-1 on Saturdays
Up to 240 additional HGV movements per day around North Park/Sutton Lane/Parlaunt Road junction

64 objections is great, but please we need more.   It only takes 5 minutes but could be invaluable.

Thank you
The Richings Park Residents Association is holding another public meeting to discuss the Cemex planning application at 7.30pm on Monday 7 November at the Richings Park Sports Club - ALL WELCOME

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