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Temporary Closure of Mansion Lane
The experimental closure of Chequers Bridge, which will close Mansion Lane/Hollow Hill Lane will start on 2 August and run for up to 18 months, although Slough BC have said it could be shorter depending on the impact and how much data they gather.  Slough BC will be running a consultation at some stage, but said in the meantime that if we wish to provide any feedback on the experimental road closure then we should email our views to: tfs@slough.gov.uk.

The risk for us is that drivers divert through Richings Park and Iver, bringing increased traffic and all the problems that come with it, such as noise, congestion and poor air quality.  Although Slough BC have carried out some pre-closure surveys, when I asked at the exhibition on Tuesday 26 July 2016 about traffic modelling, they said that no modelling has been done of the potential consquences, either based on current traffic volumes or future traffic growth. 

I also asked Slough BC what would reverse the closure of Chequers Bridge and they said that the impact would have to be 'really bad' but when I pressed for a definition of 'really bad' they couldn't provide an answer - this is something we need to know and understand.  However, they did say that they had reversed the Burnham experimental road closure when the traffic in Cippenham became exceptionally bad as a consequence.

When the experiment starts I would urge everyone to feedback to Slough on any problems, questions or views so that they get to understand the effects on Richings Park, because they have a somewhat blinkered approach as our villages are outside of their jurisdiction, but they will need to understand the geographical impact of their decision however far and wide.
Slough Borough Council will be holding a series of drop-in sessions where you can have your say on the impact of this scheme.  Sessions will be held at Christ the Worker Church in Parlaunt Road on the following dates:

• 29 September 4-8pm
• 27 October 4-8pm
• 22 November 4-8pm

The council has also launched a questionnaire on Survey Monkey, which gives people the chance to respond online without having to email or post comments on social media (https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/895CPFD).

Details at: https://www.slough.gov.uk/parking-travel-and-roads/langley-transport-infrastructure-improvements.aspx
Message from Bucks CC:

Slough Borough Council has contacted us to inform us of these events and we are currently in the process of arranging for relevant BCC officers to attend if possible. We will be liaising with Slough with a view to them extending an invitation to Bucks stakeholders and members. Separately, BCC officers will also be attending a series of regular stakeholder meetings arranged by Slough to assess and monitor the ongoing closure as it progresses.

As this is Slough’s experimental closure and their drop-in events, they will be issuing most of the publicity both sides of the County border through the usual channels. Bucks CC will ensure that they are well aware of the need to issue an invitation to the Richings Park Residents’ Association if this has not already been done. BCC will also be advertising these events via social media nearer the date.
The residents association and Iver parish council have written to Slough BC and Bucks CC to complain about the woefully inadequate survey that Slough BC is running for the Chequers Bridge closure, which has just one irrelevant question: "Please let us know how we can improve the transport infrastructure in Langley."  This question will not draw out the traffic problems we are currently experiencing in our villages as a result of the bridge closure - the situation will only get worse after the school holidays.  You can complain about this inadequate survey to Slough at TfS@slough.gov.uk.
Slough BC response to our enquiry:

Please be advised that we have provided several channels in order for resident to provide feedback on the closure of chequers bridge and potential improvements to Langley.  You will note that the consultation is open ended and therefore does not restrict the enquiry or feedback responses to specific topics.   This enables residents to provide feedback on the aspects that matter most to them and in an unrestricted format such as email, post or social media. 

In addition we have provided an online survey which can be found on the following page:
You can also provide your comments by utilising any of the following channels:
•           email TfS@slough.gov.uk
•           post a comment on the Transport for Slough Facebook page
•           send your feedback via Twitter to @SloughCouncil
•           write to Transport for Slough at: Transport and Highways, Second Floor West, St Martins Place, 51 Bath Road, Slough, SL1 3UF

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