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UPDATE from The Chairman
Dear Resident
Welcome to this year’s annual report.  I hope you will be able to come along to the AGM and tell us what you want us to do for you and the area of Richings Park.
Richings Park remains under siege from all directions! Heathrow and the M4 widening in the south, the HS2/Heathrow Express depot and WRAtH in the west. The Heathrow logistics hub remains a possibility  in the east,
 The Crossrail work continues with disruption to residents living close to the line.  We have therefore been exceptionally busy dealing with these and many other issues.
The Heathrow Express/HS2 depot has been the main focus of our efforts this year.  It will bring more HGVs onto our road and contribute nothing to the local area but noise/light pollution from its 24/7 operation.  We petitioned the Parliamentary Select Cttee to try to get some mitigation measures, notably a contribution to the relief road but Bucks County Council came to an agreement beforehand with HS2, leaving us with very little.  We are still trying to talk to HS2 to get some acknowledgement of our  HGV problems.
Heathrow remains a concern whilst we await the runway decision. Noise, particularly ground noise, remains a concern and we are gathering reports of this – please use the form on the website to do so.  We were very disappointed that no  information was gathered from the noise 
 monitor located in the area and are pushing for yet another monitoring period.

There have been consultation events on the

Western Railway Access to Heathrow

which will leave the Great Western mainline between Langley and Richings Park but will be in tunnels for most of its route.  We now know that  this project will close Mansion Lane permanently with no alternative route.

Thorney Sidings and the Aggregate Industries sites are being redeveloped with more HGV generating activites being set up on them. HGV traffic remains a huge concern and we take action wherever we can.  The recent Stobart Biomass application has now been withdrawn.

Parking around the shops is a perennial  concern for residents and shopkeepers alike. Additional traffic wardens for enforcement of the restrictions have started work but the  consultation on the  revised parking restrictions that we have worked on with residents for so long has now been scrapped by Bucks County Council.  

Some good news: Crossrail will rebuild Iver Station with lifts to the platforms.

Our thanks to those who have looked after Kingfisher Garden in Thorney Mill Road for us this year and done a splendid job.

Updates.  We aim to keep you updated via on our regular piece in Out and About in Iver, our website and our new Richings Park today site http://richingspark.today with all the latest news and where you can get involved

                      Wendy Matthews

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