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Netiquette - Please Read
Big Grin 
In order to prevent misunderstandings and promote engaging and meaningful collaboration, extra care must be taken into how you express yourself in your written communication.

 1.Remember where you are -The Discussion Board is a public forum, guests can view posts but cannot post unless a registered member. It is important that you consider this audience and ensure that your messages are respectful of everyone’s views and opinions (even if you do not necessarily agree with them) and are polite, professional and lawful at all times.

2.Remember your manners
  • Always Value other peoples opinions
  • Always be Courteous
  • Always keep your contributions professional & relevant
  • Always respect other peoples privacy

3. Remember the Law
  • Copyright, Plagiarism & Referencing, always act lawfully
  • Don't use the words or text of others without proper acknowledgement of the source.

4. Do NOT Flame
  • Do not use the discussion board to harass others. Posting intentionally hostile and insulting messages is not acceptable
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt - maybe you misunderstood
  • Refrain from lashing back at a poorly behaving member (participating in a flame war) instead notify a moderator of the event

5. Do not spam- do not post advertisements or abusive or unnecessary messages

6. Keep the Board Organised   
  • Stay on topic
  • Make sure you post in the correct topic area
  • Don't post irrelevant or inappropriate material
  • Only post social or off topic posts in the appropriate area

  • Tone: Use CAPITAL LETTERS sparingly. Writing in all CAPS can be difficult to read and online is considered to be "shouting".
  • Be careful of using sarcasm, humour and irony. Expressions and meaning can be easily     misunderstood online.
  • Emoticons can be helpful but they also contribute to the tone of your message and would not be appropriate in formal writing.
  • Style: Tailor your message to reflect the purpose and audience. Are you writing to explain, entertain, express, persuade, inform, describe, analyse, recommend, summarize, instruct, hypothesize, debate…?
  • Post Length: Make sure your post length is appropriate. Some users find it difficult to read on screen; if your posting is particularly lengthy consider posting it as an attachment and providing a summary in the body of the post. Consider the value of lists and single sentence comments as they might not add enough context or clarity to your contribution.
  • Language: You will find you need to vary your writing depending on the formality/informality required. Are you posting an academic piece or a conversational piece?
Abbreviations and Acronyms: Make sure your readers know what you mean. Provide definitions where required.
Always practice Internet Etiquette when communicating electronically and remember the human Big Grin

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