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Do we need a Residents Parking Scheme Or controlled parking zones?
I agree Bobby Rai, which is why I have emailed Ruth Vigor in an attempt to gain access to a tool kit that is available to help us bring in such a scheme. She doesn't respond and I have messaged and emailed her quite a few times. I think I shall have to complain to the person above her.
I have had no respose from Ruth  and so am unable to get hole of the tool kit as mentioned below

Request a new waiting or parking restriction

The introduction of waiting and or parking restrictions (for example: yellow lines, residents only parking etc) requires the creation of a “Traffic Regulation Order” (TRO). This is a legal document supporting the road signs and lines enabling lawful enforcement. It requires a formal process to be followed which is in essence, undertaking informal and formal consultation (which involves seeking the views of local residents and advertising in the local press and statutory consultees). Following this, a report is prepared for the Cabinet Member for Planning and Transportation in order that an informed decision can be made as to whether the TRO should be implemented.

This process takes a significant amount of time and resources.

How do I make a request?

Requests for new waiting or parking restrictions can only be considered based on a number of legislative criteria, such as: Safety, Congestion, Economy, and Environment. Funding will need to found in order to undertake feasibility studies, officer resource and physical works.

Should you wish to request a new waiting/parking restriction to be considered please provide the following information to your County Councillor or to your Local Area Forum.  Your County Councillor is will be equipped to manage the process with a parking toolkit. The toolkit has been designed to clarify the process and ensure that any requests made are appropriate to local residents/local area.

Please ensure you provide:

Location; Road name/s of proposed changes and the extents of the proposed restriction:

Type of restriction envisaged:

The reasons why you feel a parking restriction is necessary:

Your name, address and contact details.

Locate your local County Councillor

Locate you Local Area Forum via this interactive map

I am very disappointed that having tried to find out how we can proceed she has not even acknowledged several requests for her help and support. As far as I know she will be attending the AGM for the Residents Association on  Tuesday 21st April  and  so perhaps can provide us with some answers. In the meantime I shall ask our District councillors if they can help in anyway.
Last night at the residents AGM Ruth Vigor promised that the parking scheme for residents is in consultation over the next three weeks. She has promised that today she will publish what is planned. She said we are a year into the process and it takes 18 months to get a scheme through. If any residents have indeed been consulted or had letters then please can you let the residents association know.
Update from the Residents Association regarding car parking problems and the local bus operation:

The bus cannot negotiate parked vehicles in Syke Ings and Bathurst Walk.  Residents of Bathurst Close are regularly trapped in their road by parked cars.  The fire hydrant is blocked and recycling cannot be picked up.  Emergency services cannot access the houses.  Police have been called on many occasions but the single white line is advisory only.  No legal action can be taken. 

Residents have even offered to pay for their own double yellow lines across the entrance to the road.    Double yellow lines would solve many other parking problems on our roads.  Our problem is getting Buckinghamshire County Council to take any action.  Photos have been taken of persistent obstructions.  Residents have written to Dominic Grieve and to Mark Shaw, the BCC Cabinet member for transportation.   We will continue to press both for action and involve local papers to publicise the cause.

Another possibility is to create residents-only parking zones.  Wellesley Avenue residents are leading the way and have managed to get a sufficient number signed up to take action further.  (Over 80% in the proposed zone area need to agree to it.).  If they are successful then residents on other roads, who have previously shown little interest, might be encouraged to follow suit .

We take this issue very seriously, although at the moment there is no possibility of the original bus route being reinstated.  But there is hope for the future.  Next year will bring:  
  • Residents’ Association Newsletters (printed) to provide news and updates
  • Good Neighbourhood Scheme: initial meeting on setting up a volunteer driver scheme will be held on 11 January in the Jubilee Pavilion, Iver.  This will be useful when residents need to get to the doctor and for other local appointments.
  • The 583 bus:  members of the Committee use the bus and will report on the ease or otherwise of flagging it down on North Park/Richings Way.  We will discuss this further at the next Committee meeting in January 2017.

Thanks for the update Lisa.

I am in full support for residents only parking in Richings Park. I signed the petition for Wellesley Avenue to be implemented. My fingers are crossed for the decision to be made very soon

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