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Overgrown grass verges/trees Old Slade Lane - Paula Bains - 24-06-2017

I have written to the Council to ask about the overgrown grass verges at the top end and middle if Old Slade Lane on the right hand side as you enter from the main road,

Especially near the junction of Tge Poynings, the grass verges are growing more and more taking over the road, therefore narrowing the road so that it is almost impossible for 2 cars to pass each other, so one has to find an area to wait in in order to let the other pass.

I scraped my wheels against some rocks that have been planted on an overgrown grass verge of one property as I tried to swerve to let another car coming in the opposite direction.

Therefore, is it the responsibility of the Council or the properties on the right hand side to cut those back by about five feet or more?

If it us up to the residents, and I am awaiting an answer from the Council, then should those residents be written to accordingly?

Potholes in Old Slade are the other issue.

Paula Bains
Th Poynings