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Slough proposal to annex the former Langley Airfield - LisaP - 18-01-2017

In its emerging local plan, Slough Borough Council is proposing a northern expansion of its boundary into Richings Park for a garden suburb to meet its land shortfall for housing development (hence the reason they so vehemently objected to the Cemex gravel extraction planning application) and citing that '...Chiltern and South Bucks Councils should give detailed and rigorous consideration to the proposal ..."

South Bucks is already proposing two new housing developments in Richings Park: one on green belt land next to the Ridgeway Trading Estate and one at Thorney Business Park. With other developers all rushing forward to grab a piece of our green belt (including Heathrow airport for their businesses that will be displaced by the third runway) before long all our green spaces will have been consumed by development; as well as all the extra traffic that will be placed onto our local roads that are not coping with the current traffic problems.

Register your objection to their question 10: Which Spatial Options do you object to and why?

Here's the link to their Issues and Options Consultation Document (see page 102 for details on their Option J1):

The consultation is open until 5pm on 27 February 2017.

There is also a public consultation event at The Curve on 13 February at 7pm.

RE: Slough proposal to annex the former Langley Airfield - LisaP - 25-01-2017

Consultation on The emerging Local Plan for Slough 2016-2036
Objection to Option J1: Northern expansion of Slough (into South Bucks)

Some considerations for your consultation response:
  • Too much development on green belt land - there is a lot of encroachment into Richings Park with proposed developments on our green spaces, including South Bucks proposal for new housing
  • Road congestion - another 5000 dwellings will put a lot of additional traffic onto our local roads which are already heavily congested
  • Loss of relief road – the proposed location for the new housing development will block the path for a much-needed relief road
  • More commuter parking in the village – residents from the new development will have to drive to a station (it would be too far to walk) and they are more likely to choose Richings Park where it is free to park, there are no parking restrictions and the rail fare to London would be cheaper than from Langley.  We already have a problem in the village with commuter parking – this would just make it worse.

RE: Slough proposal to annex the former Langley Airfield - RPark1 - 26-06-2017

Update on this, South Bucks have objected to the extension of Slough's boundary.

"Both South Bucks District Council and Chiltern District Council objected to the plans in a joint response on Friday, February 24.

It says the councils cannot sustainably meet their own housing needs let alone Slough Borough Council’s.

South Bucks District Councillor Nick Naylor, portfolio holder for sustainable development, said: “We feel that Slough needs to be looking more closely at what scope there might be within the borough and across Berkshire.”

Click here to see the full response.

The two district councils formed their response from a number of meetings with Slough Borough Council officers, with the most recent meeting being held on February 20."