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  Minutes 23rd September 2015
Posted by: Admin - 25-10-2015, 05:56 PM - Forum: Richings Park Residents Association - your voice - No Replies


Present: Wendy Matthew (Chair), Muhktar Ali, Maureen Atkinson, Lindsey Beagle, Jan Wiseman (Minutes), Maureen Worrall
In Attendance:  Bobby Rai.  Wendy welcomed Bobby Rai, who lives at 2 Somerset Way.
Apologies:  Sue Barber, Alan Barrett, Stewart O’Malley, Daphne Wood, Graham Young.
1          Minutes of Previous Meeting (30 July 2015):  the minutes were accepted as a true and accurate record.
2          Matters Arising and Other Issues
Airport Commission Report/Heathrow Expansion.  There may be a response from the Government by Christmas.  There are many issues surrounding the Davies report:  their database seems to be inaccurate or has had strange interpretations put on it.  There is no chance of meeting air quality standards and the Chief Executive of Heathrow Airport Ltd has written to airlines pointing out that the cost of increased compensation means that airlines should pay more. The cost to the public purse has also been ignored in the Report: for example moving the A4, M25, and improving surface access.  All such costs have been included in the Gatwick bid.  Many pressure groups are coming together to put pressure on the Government.
LAANC (Local Authority Airport Noise Council)/ Local Forum/ Noise Forum:  Wendy attended – the problem of increased aircraft noise has finally been recognised.  Wendy raised the issue of ground noise:  the noise arising from engine testing is a common nuisance.  Early morning/late night noise should be reported on the website; our forms are sent to Heathrow every week.
Noise monitor:  Heathrow’s noise monitoring report has finally admitted that we have aircraft noise issues here.  Graham has put the report online.  HACAN (Heathrow Airport Community Against Noise) have produced the results of their noise monitoring and there are associated maps giving a snapshot of flights out for all areas.  It is clear we are overflown at the moment.  Smell of aircraft fuel: if aircraft fuel is smelt strongly it suggests planes are illegally discharging fuel in the air.  Please report it on the environmental health South Bucks website.
Meeting with Heathrow Airport Ltd (HAL):  there is a meeting at the Tower Arms, 7.30 pm 24 September to tell us of implications of the 3rd runway for us.  There are many issues we must raise: runway noise: no increased public transport offer, no compensation offer.  We do not know future flight paths but all airports must reduce the number of people impacted by noise.  That means they must fly over least populated areas ie us.  We will be under a flight path, and it is appalling that we have been left out of any compensation package.  Heathrow’s local development:  this still on the cards for the land to east of Thorney Lane N.
HAL have produced a report on their current improved public transport offer for Heathrow, to decrease pollution from surface traffic. 
Meeting Dominic Grieve:  now rescheduled to 11 December 6 pm. RPSC.  Dominic Grieve is now on the Parliamentary Committee on Intelligence. 
Airspace Reconfiguration:  Wendy attending the meeting.  There is clearly a lack of trust between local communities, and the airport (including CAA/NATS).  The CAA are responsible for organising the airspace but there is a gap between them and local opinion.  Independent consultants have been appointed:  there is a meeting on Friday 25 September for them to assess what local people want in any consultation between the airport and the public. There are the usual issues:  the airport are not trusted, the local community is not listened to. Government have to reorganise airspace as it is an EU initiative.
Highways Updates – Verges/Pavements/Roads:  Lindsay reported that she is continually tweeting. Transport for Bucks (TfB) at Bucks County Council respond with case numbers but no action. We have asked for a meeting with Mark Shaw, the Cabinet member who took over from Ruth.  There is a Local Authorities’ Forum (LAF) meeting at Jubilee Pavilion, Iver Recreation Ground on 7 October.  From 7 pm senior officers of TfB will be there so ask them your questions.
Maureen reported constant noise from the siren at the gate on Step Properties’ premises by the station, previously reported by Muhktar.  Wendy responded that this has been resolved
Pavements:  we are using Local Authority Forum money to repair some areas of pavement in North Park.
Area round Shops – Parking Consultation:  there has still been no response from Transport for Bucks, Bucks CC, on the parking.  Planters: the BT cover has affected the siting of the planter, which is off centre.  The planter is self-watering. We will look for funding for three more. Lindsey has planted up the tubs by Costcutters and Café O and these shops will water them. 
Trees:  no further progress.  Residents’ Garden: being maintained.
Richings Park Business Association:  a Bucks Business First meeting was held on 8 September, attended by five of our local shop owners.  A follow- up meeting has been arranged.
Clear up Richings Park Day:   Wendy has asked Crossrail, and up to 10 of their staff will help.  Hopefully this will take place at a weekend.  Date to be confirmed
Thorney Sidings/Thorney Mill Road:  the Aggregate site has been divided into plots which they are trying to let on short leases.  Wendy has checked and the planning conditions originally set still apply.  There were concerns from Thorney Mill Road about anti-social hours being worked by the site-clearing contractors.  Environmental officers stepped in to enforce standard working hours. 
Cycle Path:  BCC have decided to create a direct public footpath in Iver between Colne Orchard and Grangeway.  It will then be upgraded to a cycle path
Broadband: BT has put back the deadline again to 2017.
Sewage Flies:  there is still a problem and the primary cause is the sewage works.  However Olu has been assessing possible secondary colonisation in Richings Park.  He has issued an order to both stables to remove existing manure piles and have a manure management programme.  The flies will soon stop breeding this year and we will continue to monitor the situation next spring.
SIFE (Slough International Freight Exchange):  there has been an appeal hearing about this proposed huge development on Sutton Lane/A4:  three huge warehouses each at least as big as terminal 5.  The furthest one will be right at end of Old Slade Lane.  They will generate 7000 HGVs a day.  Slough District Council objected and turned it down and we have also made representations about its impact on us.
Lakeside Liaison Meeting:  Maureen Worrall reported on the meeting at the Grundon Estates Office of the Lakeside Liaison Group.  Wendy attended on behalf of the Parish Council and Maureen on behalf of the Residents’ Association. There were discussions on relocating the plant if the third runway goes ahead
Our ‘No HGV’ notices have been effective in reducing lorry traffic on roads within Richings Park.
3          Date of Next Meetings:  Wednesday 28 October, Tuesday 24 November
4          Treasurer’s Report:   none in the absence of the Treasurer.
5          Planning/Enforcement
Of the list included in the agenda, the following were discussed:
Heathrow Runway Alterations: the appeal hearing is on-going and nothing further has been heard.  There are many retrospective applications for outbuildings in Richings Park.  The Fox and Pheasant site has been sold, presumably to another developer who will start the planning process again. No further news on the progress of the ‘pink shop’, although part of an extension has had to be taken down.
6          Heathrow/Hub Station/ Crossrail
WRatH:  this project, which was our hope for a relief road, is now on hold for the foreseeable future.  Electrification of the Great Western mainline is now Network Rail’s priority.
HS2 Langley Depot:  our petition against the proposed Heathrow Express depot in Langley was deposited by Wendy in the House of Commons.  There has been no response but we have had an email to say that it has been accepted by the Select Committee and is awaiting scrutiny to see if our case has been made.
BCC have been called to appear at the HS2 hearing in October.  The Parish website has several other petitions relevant to us – Slough Borough Council’s is particularly impressive.  If we get to see the Select Committee we will say it is unacceptable not to have a relief road to deal with HGV impact, however modified.  In total over 1000 people attended the daytime presentation in Iver Village Hall, and 900 in Langley.  We are putting out a message that there is a very high level of local opposition to HS2.
Crossrail:  the new rail bridge is being assembled.  Piling work is ongoing and the noise has affected properties as far away as Slough.  Muhktar’s efforts have encouraged pressure to be put on Crossrail to consult residents in Bathurst Walk.  There has been a recent example of poor communication:  Crossrail sent a poorly worded and inaccurate letter to residents in Bathurst cul de sac stating that their gardens would be entered and trees cut back.  Residents were angered and Wendy together with Tony Hill of Bathurst Walk convened a meeting on 22 September with them, Crossrail and the tree officer from South Bucks.  Residents from 14 of the affected properties turned up, almost one hundred per cent attendance.  Crossrail apologised and now each resident will have an individual visit which will include advice from an arboreculturalist. Residents will also push for compensation.  Tony Hill will arrange a follow-up meeting.
Car Park: no further information on the station car park. 
7          Report from Parish Council:
Wendy asked for responses to South Bucks’ local planning consultation which is on the website.  The Parish Council will also draw up a neighbourhood plan for the area.  This is a legal planning document which has to be taken into account and will highlight local issues such as:  green belt, HGV’s, relief road. The Parish has a planning consultant to help and there will be local consultation meetings.   Once we have a neighbourhood plan we can apply to South Bucks for 25% of the infrastructure levy, also known as schedule 106 money, which will give us control of funds at a local level.  
8          Report from County/District Councils:  none
9          Any Other Business
Electricity substation next to 2 Somerset Way:  Bobby has reported it and Southern Electric will repair the roof which has asbestos in it.
Flytipping:  Muhktar reported to BCC that large tree stumps had been dumped on the M25 bridge.
Air Quality: Lindsey has arranged to meet a company which produces air quality sensors which can be set up in local areas.  Funding is an issue:  councils are not allowed to pay as the monitoring must be seen to be unbiased.  Lindsey will discuss the outcome of her meeting with Wendy and Graham.  Action: Lindsey
The meeting ended at 10 pm.

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  Would your company Sponsor an AirSensa?
Posted by: Admin - 25-10-2015, 09:51 AM - Forum: Air Sensa - No Replies

We are looking for help to fund more AirSensas in and around Iver and Richings Park. If you can help then please contact us

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Posted by: Admin - 25-10-2015, 09:07 AM - Forum: 23-November - 7.30 - Sports Club- PARISH COUNCIL NEIGHBOURHOOD PLAN EVENT- - No Replies


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  The Ivers Are Changing
Posted by: Admin - 25-10-2015, 08:54 AM - Forum: Parish Council - No Replies

The Parish Council have decided to create a Neighbourhood Plan.  When completed this will be a legal planning document which will be used when planning decisions are taken.  In it the community can set out what they want to see happen in their area in terms of development and creation of green spaces and what they want to protect and preserve.

There will be a number of workshops for people to come along and tell us what they think.  Please see the attached poster

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  Parish Council Agree to Fund One Air Sensa
Posted by: Admin - 24-10-2015, 05:01 PM - Forum: Air Sensa - No Replies

A huge thank you to Iver Parish council who have agreed to fund one Air Sensa unit. This will be placed in Iver. We now need to fund the other unit for Richings park.

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  Project Information
Posted by: Admin - 24-10-2015, 04:58 PM - Forum: Air Sensa - No Replies


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  Wexham & Ivers Please tell us your Views
Posted by: Admin - 24-10-2015, 12:35 PM - Forum: Buckinghamshire County Council & South Bucks District Council - No Replies

Buckinghamshire County Council and South Bucks District Council are looking into the needs and concerns of residents in the Wexham & Ivers local area. Your responses will help the two Councils to target funding and resources and, in particular, the work undertaken by the Communities' teams.

Please fill in our short survey http://tinyurl.com/ohzxffg to give us your views on your priorities in the Wexham & Ivers local area.

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  More Disturbance expected 26th October - 1st November 2015
Posted by: Admin - 24-10-2015, 12:14 PM - Forum: Crossrail Announcements & Updates - Are they keeping you awake? - No Replies


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Posted by: Admin - 19-10-2015, 04:01 PM - Forum: Heathrow Airport News - Replies (1)

Communities demand that Heathrow take responsibility for damaging health effects of aircraft noise
Communities around London have today written to Heathrow Airport challenging the Airport’s engagement with local communities and demanding a range of measures to mitigate the damaging effects of aviation noise on health.
The letter is signed by seven groups who are members of Heathrow’s Community Noise Forum (CNF), which was set up earlier this year in response to a record number of noise complaints.  It brands the operation of the CNF as “a talking shop and essentially a PR exercise for Heathrow to claim community consultation while taking minimal action” and that “noise from Heathrow has become intolerable”.
The groups call for a comprehensive and fully independent investigation into the adverse health and educational effects of Heathrow and outline immediate measures that the airport should take to minimise these including:
- a reversal of changes to flight paths, which have become lower and more concentrated;
- a permanent ban on night flights starting in 2017 and an immediate review of scheduling so that no flights depart after a 11.00pm watershed or before 7.00am in the morning;
- restrictions on the noisiest types of aircraft in the early morning and late in the evening;
- initiatives to prevent known health impacts of aviation noise including high blood pressure, heart attacks, strokes and mental illness;
- truly independent research to determine the degree to which the airport has negatively impacted on the quality of life in local communities; 
- a comprehensive insulation scheme for homes and schools experiencing noise above World Health Organisation guidelines; and
- funding for additional learning/reading support in schools.
The proposed measures are in response to the publication of a report by the Airports Commission in July (issued as an addendum to their final report) which has been largely ignored by Heathrow and Government, but which documented the serious effects of aviation noise on health including much higher risks of heart attack and strokes as well as negative impacts on children's reading and memory.
A spokesperson for the community groups said:
“The plan we have presented today outlines a number of immediate measures that Heathrow should take to mitigate the health and child development impacts of aviation noise, but the airport and the U.K. Government need to do more to reduce noise in general. The recent VW scandal demonstrates that public health should not be put at risk to support the profits of big business and the aviation industry is no exception”.
‘Given the seriousness of the issues raised and the stated intention of the Department for Transport  to increase the intensity of the use of airspace over the next few years, the groups also call for an independent inquiry to investigate the impacts of aviation on residential communities.’
For further information, please contact Paul McGuinness on 07958 589894 or paul.mcguinness@workingfashions.com



1.     The Heathrow Community Noise Forum was set up by Heathrow in March 2015 in response to a huge increase in noise complaints from local residents. It includes representatives from 12 local authorities around Heathrow. http://www.heathrow.com/noise/making-heathrow-quieter/our-noise-strategy/working-with-local-communities/community-noise-forum
2.     The seven community groups that signed the letter to John Holland-Kaye include groups from Lightwater, Bagshot, Windlesham (Surrey), Ealing, Richings Park (Buckinghamshire), Englefield Green (Surrey), Ascot (Berkshire), Teddington (Middlesex) and Harmondsworth and Sipson (Hillingdon).
3.     The report Aircraft noise effects on health was published by the Airports Commission on 1 July 2015. A copy of the report can be found at https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/446311/noise-aircraft-noise-effects-on-health.pdf
4.     Complaints figures provided by Heathrow Airport show that :
·         In 2012, a total of 17,655 complaints were received. 3,240 complaints were received in the first six months of the year.
·         In 2013, 18,717 complaints were received.
·         In 2014, 44,682 complaints were received.
·         For the first six months of 2015, 52,728 complaints were received which equates to an annual figure of 106,056. 
Complaints have increased by 1,627% when you compare the first six months of 2015 with the same period in 2012.
19/10/15 Letter from community groups to John Holland-Kaye, Chief Executive of London Heathrow

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  Christmas Disruption
Posted by: Admin - 18-10-2015, 04:42 PM - Forum: Rail Services - Your experience of current Service - No Replies

Christmas Travel 2015/2016

This Christmas sees a large programme of rail improvement work in preparation for the start of Crossrail services in 2019. Services will be altered and diverted from Thursday 24 December 2015 until Sunday 03 January 2016 as part of engineering work in the Thames Valley.

All services

Thursday 24 December to Saturday 26 December

Services will finish earlier than normal on Christmas Eve with last trains departing before 21:30.

There will be no trains across our network on Christmas Day or Boxing Day.

Check your journey for advice on train times and disruptions.

Reading and London services

27 and Monday 28 December

There will be 2 direct GWR trains an hour between Reading and London Waterloo calling at Basingstoke only.

Tickets will be accepted on South West Trains services between Reading and London Waterloo.
No trains between Slough and London Paddington station.
High speed services will be diverted to either London Marylebone or London Waterloo.
Services in the Thames Valley will operate to Slough – replacement buses will run from Slough to Hillingdon to connect with London Underground. Services on the Metropolitan or Piccadilly Lines into Central London and replacement

buses will operate between Slough and Ealing Broadway calling at all stations.
South West Trains will be operating 2 trains per hour between Reading and London Waterloo on Sunday 27 December and 4 trains per hour on Monday.

28 December

There will be no Heathrow Connect or Heathrow Express services operating.

Railair coach services will be operating a half hourly service between Reading and Heathrow airport.

29 December to 3 January

Trains will run from/to London Paddington to an amended timetable.
Tuesday 29 December until Sunday 3 January trains will run from/to London Paddington to an amended timetable.

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