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  Land Adjacent To Buckfield Court Bathurst Walk
Posted by: LisaP - 16-12-2016, 11:18 AM - Forum: Local Planning Applications - No Replies

Land Adjacent To Buckfield Court Bathurst Walk

Planning Application 16/02272/RVC
The Residents Association has submitted its objection to this application - details below.  Please add your voice and submit your comments via the South Bucks website (link: http://sbdc-pa.southbucks.gov.uk/online-applications/).
On behalf of the Richings Park Residents Association we wish to register an objection to this application for the following reasons:
1. We believe that the last application to expand the building size was perfectly adequate and this application which will increase the impact on neighbouring properties is unwarranted.
2. The new design of the building is now out of character with the surrounding area and needs to be revised accordingly.
3. The previous permission granted requested an additional parking space to be provided but this is not apparent on the plans submitted.

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  Conversion of shop to residential unit at 46 Bathurst Walk
Posted by: LisaP - 14-12-2016, 10:58 AM - Forum: Local Planning Applications - No Replies

Planning Application 16/02055/IANOT
Conversion of shop to residential unit at 46 Bathurst Walk

The Residents Association has submitted its objection to this application - details below.  Please add your voice and submit your comments via the South Bucks website (link: http://sbdc-pa.southbucks.gov.uk/online-applications/).

On behalf of Richings Park Residents Association I am filing an objection to this repeated application for a change of use. The amount of advertising has been sporadic and little of it. There are no current For Sale/Rent signs on the property at the time of writing nor have there been for many months. We also note that the landlord has been increasing the rent regularly by significant amounts and has now probably priced herself out of the market. The property was purchased a long time ago and thus continued hikes in rent to increase the return on capital are unjustified. With the imminent arrival of Crossrail and the uptick in use of the station, the property is ideally situated for a business catering to commuters. As the property is situated in a line of similar shops to break it would be aesthetically wrong. We recognise that retail has its issues but we don't believe that the applicant has tried very hard to let the property. The chequered history of tenants portrayed in one of the supporting documents indicates this only too well.

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  Richings Park Christmas Party and Fayre
Posted by: LisaP - 14-12-2016, 10:50 AM - Forum: Any other Off topic discussions Welcome here - No Replies

[Image: wpb947625f_05_06.jpg]

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  proposal for new relief road- need your help!
Posted by: kitkat - 23-11-2016, 11:46 AM - Forum: Relief Road - Residents we seriously need your help! - No Replies

.pdf   Iver RR2.pdf (Size: 505.89 KB / Downloads: 6) Richings Park is going to be gridlocked within a few years if we dont act now. This is our one and only chance to influence the development of a bridge over the railway before 1000[attachment=118][attachment=118]'s of new houses come to iver and Iver heath/pinewood. The current plan to develop Thorney park is a good one, but it will mean 1600 new cars on our roads, using RP as a rat run. The solution i am proposing is we need to build more houses to fund an efficient relief road that travels from iver heath over the railway to sutton lane. Please take a look at the proposal attached, and if you support it please write to SBDC. Their contact details are included.

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Posted by: Admin - 01-11-2016, 02:08 PM - Forum: 2016 - Cemex Gravel Pit Application North Park - No Replies


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  Press Statement from Dominic Grieve on Heathrow Announcement
Posted by: LisaP - 31-10-2016, 07:59 AM - Forum: Heathrow Airport News - No Replies



The announcement that the Government intends to support a third runway at Heathrow, will be met with very mixed feelings in the Beaconsfield Constituency.
Many will welcome the economic advantages which it can bring. But it also has the capacity to create a profound adverse environmental impact on parts of my constituency and in particular in the Iver and Richings Park area. This is already under great strain from pollution and excessive vehicle movements linked to poorly or unplanned developments over past decades. The lack of adequate infrastructure and planning strategy has created conditions in which the quality of life of residents is being adversely affected in an unacceptable fashion.
If the Heathrow Third Runway goes ahead it can only be on the basis that the Government can meet the pollution limits in the area, which are currently being exceeded. No scheme will be acceptable that does not include the proper infrastructure investment that is required to reconcile growing economic activity with the needs of local residents.
I will do what I can to support the local community on these issues. My attitude to the proposal will entirely depend on whether or not the government and the developers can demonstrate that they can address these issues fully.
Dominic Grieve QC MP

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  Emerging Chiltern and South Bucks Local Plan
Posted by: LisaP - 31-10-2016, 07:48 AM - Forum: Buckinghamshire County Council & South Bucks District Council - No Replies

Green Belt Preferred Options Consultation
Between 31st October and 5pm on the 12th December 2016 Chiltern and South Bucks Councils are carrying out public consultation on Preferred Green Belt Options the Councils consider should be taken forward in the Local Plan in order to help meet development needs. The Councils are consulting on these options in order to:

  • seek views to help determine their suitability for development;
  • help understand views on what type of development should be sought if suitable and what type of requirements should be secured as part of development;
  • enable comments on the evidence base that has informed the Consultation; and
  • provide the opportunity for additional options to be put forward.
Consultation responses will help inform decisions on a draft Local Plan - MAKE YOUR VIEWS KNOWN or they will decide for us.  The deadline for written comments is 5pm 12th December 2016.

Details can be found here: http://www.southbucks.gov.uk/planning/localplan2014-2036

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  CAA proposals for a revised airspace change process
Posted by: LisaP - 24-10-2016, 07:36 AM - Forum: Heathrow Airport News - No Replies

The CAA's response to their consultation on proposals for a revised airspace change process has just been published on their website.  Link below.  Our submission to the consultation is attached.


Attached Files
.pdf   CAA Change Process Consultation Response SUBMITTED Apr-16.pdf (Size: 25.6 KB / Downloads: 2)
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  BCC News: Council leader to challenge 'insultingly low' HS2 offer
Posted by: LisaP - 18-10-2016, 06:52 AM - Forum: Buckinghamshire County Council & South Bucks District Council - No Replies

News from Buckinghamshire County Council

PR 8113
14 October 2016
For Immediate Release

Council leader to challenge 'insultingly low' HS2 offer
An ‘insultingly low’ offer of money to improve communities blighted by HS2 will be challenged by Buckinghamshire County Council at the House of Lords later this month.

On Wednesday the Government announced it had allocated just £15m for its Community and Environment Fund (CEF) – to be split between the five counties of Staffordshire, Warwickshire, Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

The fund is intended to enhance community facilities, improve access to the countryside and protect the environment along the controversial train line’s route.

However, County Council leader, Martin Tett, said as things stand it will have ‘virtually have no impact’ – Buckinghamshire alone already has a list of community projects which total more than £20m.

Martin, who will appear before the Lords’ High Speed Rail Select Committee on October 24, said: “The announcement is terribly disappointing and implies that the Government just hasn’t grasped the sheer scale of the disruption HS2 will cause to people’s lives and businesses in Buckinghamshire.

“HS2 is a £55 billion project which has already spent £2bn even before a single length of track has been laid. The allocation of £15 million in an area in which around two-thirds of the length of phase one will be laid is insultingly low and wholly inadequate.

"When taken in the context of the misery HS2’s construction will cause residents over a ten year period, this amount really is peanuts. It will have virtually no impact.

“I am also concerned that this fund will be centrally administered – local people are best placed to decide where the money is spent.”

The Lords committee can make powerful recommendations to HS2 Ltd for extra mitigation for affected communities.

Other things Martin will call for include more money towards an Iver relief road, the relocation of the Great Missenden haul road further north, better mitigation for Wendover and a co-ordinated plan to ensure HS2 does not adversely affect the proposed East West rail line in the Calvert area.

A raft of mitigation measures were won for Buckinghamshire after Martin appeared at the House of Commons’ HS2 Select Committee in January.

This included money for mitigation on roads which will be impacted by HS2 construction vehicles, £300,000 towards CCTV cameras to manage traffic in built-up areas, £480,000 for safety measures along the Risborough – Aylesbury and Risborough – Thame roads, £500,000 towards an Aylesbury linear park and  a £1m mitigation fund for the Calvert area.



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  Cemex - Notice of Application CM/51/16
Posted by: collyn1 - 06-10-2016, 03:10 PM - Forum: 2016 - Cemex Gravel Pit Application North Park - Replies (5)

Like many of you, we have today received formal Notice of Application for Planning Permission for the CEMEX Gravel Plant in the land north of North Park Road, running behind St Andrews and round up to and virtually touching the cud-de-sac end of Bathurst Walk.      Notice states;

Temporary closure of public footpath IVE/15/1, followed by the laying out of a site entrance, erection of new processing and concrete plants and related infrastructure, extraction of 2 million tonnes of sand and gravel, backfilling with inert waste and progressive restoration of the land to agriculture over a period of up to nine years.

Representations to be made by 1st November to the planning officer.

I need to look into this properly but I wanted to get this out there asap to residents as even if you're not up against the development, the impacts, on top of all the other issues we face in this area, will be there for all of us with noise, traffic, more HGVs.    

Link: http://publicaccess.buckscc.gov.uk/online-applications/

Welcome any thoughts from local residents as I can see this is not the first time CEMEX have made an approach. I will be putting my objection in today and would urge others to do so before this is steam rolled through.

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